Have you ever wondered what is inside your computer? Wonder no more! Let’s demystify the parts and pieces of the computer one step at a time!

The RAM acts as your computer’s short term memory. It allows your applications to recall data needed for constant use quickly, without having to spin up the hard drives too frequently.

A big topic that we will be covering soon is the difference between RAM and the hard drive, between memory and space! The way RAM assists you is when you open an application, the needed data is copied from your hard drive to your RAM. Rather than having to constantly look for the required data on the hard drive, it is saved onto the RAM until you either close the application properly or you save your work. When you save your work, the computer takes all the new data and puts it back onto the hard drive. Different applications require different amounts of data on the RAM. For example, if you were using a word processor the memory requirements would be far less than a photo editor or video editing software.

The amount of RAM every computer needs depends on how the computer is going to be used. Someone who is going to produce orchestral music on their computer is going to need a lot of RAM to be able to play back all those audio samples in real time. Someone who blogs about the food they eat regularly will need portability more than lots of RAM. So remember, when looking at new computers and their specs, think about your needs and your purpose for the computer. If you need help, we are always here for you.