Have you ever wondered what is inside your computer? Wonder no more! Let’s demystify the parts and pieces of the computer, one step at a time!

In simple terms, the motherboard is the center of the computer. All of the other components in the computer are going to connect to the motherboard. Everything from what you see, to what you tell the computer to do, goes through the motherboard.

Every hard drive has a port that connects it to the motherboard. Every USB port, video port, disc drive, video card, and network port interfaces with the motherboard. Every click of the mouse or tap of a keyboard key goes through the motherboard. Every stick of RAM installs onto the motherboard, even the CPU installs into a socket onto the motherboard.

The mother board is central to everything that the computer does and will be able to do. If there is a problem with the motherboard, you will have difficulties or even failure when it comes to running your computer. The capacitors on the motherboard are prone to dry out and fail over time. That is one of the leading issues with motherboard failure, especially in older model computers.

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